PJ Breathing Tips

My athletes didn’t want me to share this…

It’s a technique that all my athletes use between rounds to speed recovery and reduce their heart rate.

When you practice this and it becomes second nature, you will be able to control whether you are conserving energy or maximizing output during competition.

Speed Recovery Between Rounds with These Breathing Tips


  • Step 1: Be conscious of your breath
  • Step 2: Learn to draw inhale/breath into your belly
  • Step 3: Focus on your breath and inhale through your nose as quickly as possible after an intense effort.

Practice, practice, practice…

When you are the heat of the moment, you are not going to think about breathing.  The key is practice.  Just like any skill, we need to practice and create new breathing habits that we can use unconsciously.   Over time, this will become second nature and you’ll use it unconsciously while you’re competing.


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