Tune Up Exercises and Guidelines for Your Shoulders

3 Big Factors for improving the health of your shoulders are posture, mobility and stability.  Below you will find a variety of drills to help these three areas.

These drills can be primary exercises, used during warm ups or as active recovery between other working sets.

Intensity should be relatively low, reps about 15-30 reps for 2-3 sets if you are using this as part of the Tune Up recovery program.

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Shoulder Mobility Series

3 Stability Drills for Your Shoulder Blades

Other Drills to Improve your mobility, stability and posture

Squat and 1 Arm Overhead Reach

Squat and Rotational Reach

Squat and Overhead Reach

Lunge and Overhead Reach

Lunge and Rotational Reach

Back Step and Twist

Step and Twist

Pivot and Twist

Pivot Step and Twist

Floor Series

Prone Cobra

Prone W

Prone T


Push up Plank

Plank Series

Plank w/ Shoulder Touches

Plank with Same Side Reach

Plank with Opposite Reach

Plank with Rotational Reach

Batwing Variations

Batwing - Wall

Batwing - Suspension Trainer

Batwing - Weights

Get Up Progressions

Bodyweight Getup Bridge

Bodyweight Getup Bridge to Side Plank

KB Getup Part 1

KB Getup Part 2

KB Getup Part 3

KB Getup Part 4

Full KB Getup


Single Arm Hang