Strength for MMA, BJJ and Other Combat Sports

If skill is equal, the stronger athlete will almost always win.

Strength should be one of the main focuses of any fighter or grapplers workout plan.

We can build strength through bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, sandbags, barbells, dumbbells and using a variety of other tools.

Below you will find a variety of videos about building strength for mma, bjj and other combat sports.

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Strength Exercises Broken Down by Movement Pattern

More Strength Tutorials from a Variety of Coaches Around the Globe

Crawling Progressions

Straight Arm Hang Variations

Jungle Gym XT Warrior 3

L-Sit Flutter Kicks

Banded Overhead Squats

Advanced CORE Training for MMA

Full Body Extension - Great drill to warm and prep the body for more intense work.

Supine Arm Swings - CORE activation, shoulder mobilization, improved timing and coordination.

Scorpion - Great drill for the core and hips.

Hip Extension and Leg Curl (Knees Straight)

Hip Extension and Leg Curl (Knees Out)

Single Leg Curl, Hip Extension and Reach - Working the posterior chain from the big toe trough the hips.

Single Leg Hip Extension with rotational reach with opposite leg - posterior chain (hips, hamstrings) plus core (obliques)

Sandbag Cross Body Pulls

Contrast inverted rows with iso holds

Landmine Archs

Rotational KB Press

Rotational Landmine Press

Barrel Tilt

Steel Club Exercises

Sandbag Squat w/ Pivot

Barbell Getup

Barbell Getup, squat version

2 Hand Barbell Getup

Bottoms Up Getup

Barbell Elbow Getup

Barbell Squat Tutorial

3 Front Squat Variations for Athletes

Deadlift Tutorial

3 Quick Tips for the Deadlift

Barbell Clean Progressions: Pull to Knees

Barbell Clean Progressions: Pull Clean Pull

Barbell Clean Progressions: Shrug

Barbell Clean Progressions: Clean Pull with Shrug and Full Clean Demo

Bent Press

Top and Bottom Windmill

Overhead Windmill and Side Press

Barbell-KB Anyhow

Bent Anyhow Overhead Squat variation

Better Way to do a Single Leg Squat

Kettlebell Bottoms Up Press Tips

How to do a Kettlebell Swing

Double KB Swing, Outside the Legs

Want Stronger Pushups? Master the Power Wheel

Jungle Gym XT Renegade Rows

Jungle Gym and Kettlebell Push/Pull

Zercher Airborne Lunge

Kneeling KB Snatches

KB Figure 8 to Hold, Back Lunge

MMA Fighter Strength

8 Top MMA Strength Exercises

10 Best Strength Exercises for MMA

TriPhasic Training for MMA

Basic Kettlebell Swing Variations

Staggered Stance Zercher Good Mornings

Zercher Squat/GM Combination

Kettlebell Workout for BJJ

10 Best Sandbag Exercises for MMA

Bulgarian Bag Fight Training

7 Kettlebell Exercises for MMA and BJJ