Mobility Drills to Keep You Moving, Help You Recover and Improve Movement on the Mat or in the Cage.

Proper function of the joints starts with having good range of motion. If we are stiff and unable to move properly, then compensations can occur, usually leading to some sort of pain or injury.

The following videos will help you regain proper mobility and function in the foot, ankle, hips, upper back/shoulders, and the wrist/hands.

These are great drills to use during warm ups, cool downs or as active recovery between working sets.

**I'd recommend going thru all of these drills and noting which ones are difficult or challenging. Those are the ones you probably need most.

NOTE: if you experience pain during any of these movements, please stop immediately and consult your doc.

Lets start with the Foot and Ankle

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Hips are Next...

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Last, But Not Least...Shoulders and Upper Back

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