Locomotion Drills

If you want to be an effective athlete, you've got to be able to control your body.

Below you will find a variety of movement and agility drills to add to your workouts.


Crawling Progressions


Rocking Circles

Baby Crawls

Army Crawls

Slow Motion Crawl

Fwd/Bck/Side Crawls

Circle Crawl

Crawl w/ Low Back Balance

Alligator Crawl

Weighted Crawl

Crawl w/ Lateral SB Drag


Bobcat Series - Quaruped

Bobcat Level 1

Bobcat Level 2

Bobcat Level 3

Bobcat Level 4

Bobcat Level 5

Locomotion Drills

Forward Run

Backward Run

Side Shuffle


Skips (Fwd and Bck)

Skips for Height

Skips for Distance

Multidirectional Shuffles

Forward Carioca

Backward Carioca

Ladder Drills

Feet In, Feet out Forward

Feet In, Feet out Backward

In In Out Out

Icky Shuffle Forward

Icky Shuffle Backward

Switch Feet

Ali Shuffle


Cone Drills


Lateral Shuffle

Zig Zag Shuffle

Forward and Back

Zig Zag Fwd and Bck

Zig Zag Circling