Jumping is another great way to develop power in the lower body.

Below are a variety of jump progressions to use in your workouts.

Box Jump Series

Box Jump Level 1

Box Jump Level 2

Box Jump Level 3

Box Jump Level 4

Broad Jump Repeats

Hurdle Series

Hurdle Hops Level 1

Hurdle Hops Level 2

Hurdle Hops Level 3

Lateral Hurdle Hop Level 1

Lateral Hurdle Hop Level 2

Lateral Hurdle Hop Level 3

Other Jump Variations

Tuck Jump

Staggered Jumps

Split Stance Jump

Frog Jump

Single Leg Hops

Single Leg Hop to Box

Single Leg Hop

Single Leg Lateral Hop

Leaping - jumping from one foot to the other

Forward Leap, land soft

Forward Leap repeats (bounding)

Lateral Leap, controlled landing

Lateral Leap repeats

Multidirectional Leaps