Hinge Patterns

Hinging at the waist properly is commonly done wrong and a weak link for many athletes.

Below are a series of hinging progressions to help you learn technique, develop a foundation of strength and then increase intensity to improve strength and power from a variety of angles.

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Bridge Series

Glute Bridge

Marching Glute Bridge

SL Glute Bridge

Elevated Glute Bridge

SL Elevated Glute Bridge

Barbell Glute Bridge

Hinge/Deadlift Series

Bodyweight SL Deadlift

Bodyweight SL Deadlift to Balance

KB Deadlift

Hex Bar Deadlift

Barbell Deadlift

Sandbag Good Morning

Staggered Stance Good Morning

Sandbag Drop Step Hinge

Sandbag Fwd Step Hinge

Sandbag Lateral Step Hinge

Two Handed KB Swing

Single Arm KB Swing

Shouldering the Sandbag