How To Rapidly Improve Your Grip Strength And Improve Your Performance on the Mat or in the Cage.

 25 Page Guide Showcases 50+ Exercises and Workouts that are Guaranteed to Improve Your Hand, Wrist and Forearm Strength

Fighters and Grapplers,

Whether you are a recreational athlete or compete professionally, I’m sure that you understand how important grip strength is for fighters and grapplers. We’ve all been in situations where our grip fails and we are unable to execute.  Losing wrist control, letting a submission slip, unable to keep your hands up or enduring fatigue after an intense scramble…

There’s nothing worse than having your grip and arms fail you during competition.  

Have you ever competed against someone with a REALLY strong grip? It can be incredibly frustrating when you cannot break their grip and they seem to control every situation. Whether its controlling the position or finishing submissions, grip strength is an essential piece of any combat athlete’s game. While the majority of people look to the weight room, I have found that we can learn more about developing a strong grip from the blue collar workers and athletes that have some fruit on their tree. The guys who wrench, grab, carry, use tools, climb, move and use their hands on a daily basis. Forget the bodybuilders with big biceps, if you’ve rolled with an iron worker, you will instantly understand what I am talking about.

An athlete with a dominant grip leaves a STRONG impression.


Over the last 16 years, I have worked in small training studios, huge health clubs and owned my own facilities. During that time I’ve seen a lot of crazy trends come and go… balancing acts, high tech machines, expensive supplements and more. The fitness world is full of gimmicks, but some exercises and ideas stand the test of time.

Grip training has always fascinated me…whether its an old time feat of strength or blue collar worker simply doing their job, grip strength translates onto the mat and into the cage.

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to learn and gather a ton of exercises, drills and challenges that can help you develop a stronger, more powerful grip.

What Can You Expect with a Stronger Grip?

  • Increased Wrist Control
  • Hold and finish submissions
  • Powerful Clinch
  • Advance, Control and Secure Positions
  • Improved Takedowns, Body Locks and Throws
  • Elevated Confidence
  • Stronger Punching Power
  • Improve Conditioning
  • Less Injuries in the fingers, hand, wrist and elbow.

Social Proof

“I have had a lot of people comment on my grip strength. The confidence I have in my grips has really brought my game to the next level.  It has made my guard more diverse and dangerous while also improving my ability to secure positions when I’m playing on top and passing. To me, grip strength crucial and something I really focus on.” -Jeff H. Art of Jiu Jitsu





Exercises, workouts and progressions that will definitely take your grip to the next level!

Introducing “Get a Grip”, the difinitive guide to building grip strength for fighters and grapplers.

Here’s whats included:

  • 50 + Grip Building Exercises
  • “Done for You” Workouts (Beginner – Advanced)
  • 10+ Grip Challenges
  • and more

If you are coach or an athlete that is looking to gain the advantage over your competition, this product is a NO Brainer.

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