Workout #1 - Aerobic Development

 Battling Ropes Waves for Time.  Most people use the rope waves as part of their circuit training or using intervals, but the real power of the Battling Ropes system is learning how to endure for longer periods of time.  As John Brookfield puts it, if you always do intervals, you are teaching yourself to quit, right when things get difficult.  Sometimes its good to learn how to become comfortable being uncomfortable and stretching yourself mentally and physically.

This month, we want you to try and perform alternating waves for 20 minutes.  20 minutes of continuous alternating waves, with the waves carrying all the way to the anchor point.  Again, we recommend using a 50' rope, that is 1.5"-2" thick.

What will typically happen, is that you will gas out, stop and have to start over again.  That is normal.  But after a few sessions, your body will adapt and you'll become more accustom to longer work periods.

20 minutes non-stop!

Workout #2 - Improve Work Capacity

Towel Taz + Carries - We like this combination because it combines an explosive drill with a heavy, isometric type drill.  The towel taz is performed as fast and explosive as possible, while the carries are medium-heavy.

The workout will look something like this:

20sec of towel taz - 40sec Farmer Carry 

  • Week 1: 8 minutes
  • Week 2: 10 minutes
  • Week 3: 15 minutes
  • Week 4: 20 minutes

*You can substitute the towel taz for any other explosive drill. We've used rope waves, movement drills and others, depending on the need of the athlete and their goals.

Workout #3 - Strength Endurance - Complexes - Circuits

Alactic Capacity - How well can you repeat explosive bursts of effort?

Choose a very explosive drill - jumping, throwing, sprinting or similar.

You will perform that drill as fast and explosive as you can for 10sec, then you will give yourself a little rest, but not allowing complete recovery and then attempting to repeat that explosive effort.

Work rest ratios will look something like this:

  • Week 1: 10 sec ON, 30 OFF for 8 rounds
  • Week 2: 10 sec ON, 25 OFF for 10 rounds
  • Week 3: 10 sec ON, 20 OFF for 12 rounds
  • Week 4: 10 sec ON, 15 OFF for 14 rounds

*allow 5-10 minutes recovery between drills and perform 2-3 drills per workout.