“Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.”

Live Training Camps

If you are able to visit our gym in Costa Mesa, CA, give us a call and learn more about our fight training program.  We will help you develop a training schedule, coordinate with your coaches and help you get in shape, make weight and perform at your very best.  This program addresses your mindset, goals, physical assessment, testing, workouts and a ton of support along the way. If you live or train in Southern California, I would highly recommend coming in for to learn more. Not only are our workouts effective, but you will probably be training with other high level competitors…and we all know that iron sharpens iron. If you are looking to win at the highest levels, this is the place to train.

If you are interested, feel free to give us a call @ 866.243.4472


Not in Orange County?

No problem.

We have developed a killer workshop to help you correct imbalances, develop better habits and become a stronger, healthier more explosive fighter…guaranteed.

Bring Fight Camp Conditioning to your gym.

Email [email protected] for more details.

Check out what some of athletes are saying:

Since I started training with Corey Beasley at innovative results my game has elevated much more then I thought possible. I have trained with lots of strength and conditioning coaches and none of them come close to what i have found at IR. Every day training has become fun and challenging again.

– Ian McCall

UFC Fighter and TFC World Champion

MMA athletes need a unique combination of stability, strength, power and conditioning that traditional workout plans don’t provide. Innovative Results MMA strength and conditioning program is customized for fighters and has become the most trusted name in Southern California.

Tired of gassing out in your fights?

orange mma strength coachI’m doing my physical conditioning with Corey Beasley, one of the best personal trainers in California. I don’t much like lifting weights, so I’m working the gas. Three times a week I do quick movements and work with ropes and Versa Climber equipment, which works the endurance really hard and pushes the heart rate to the limit.

Caio Terra – 6 time world BJJ Champion

Innovative Results can take your fight game to the next level!

“Brother, you have the best training by far! Today and every day has been top notch conditioning… thanks Corey!”

– Michael “Joker” Guymon
UFC Veteran, King of the Cage Champion and Owner Joker’s MMA

As a professional UFC fighter having the best strength and conditioning training is imperative. 2011 is a big year for me and thats why I sought out Innovative Results. Strength, power and endurance all is one place. Amazing! Whether you are training for a specific sport or just trying to get in the best shape possible you need Innovative Results. I can’t recommend this place enough. Contact them today and see if you are lucky enough for them to fit you in.

James “Lightning” Wilks
Winner of Season 9 of the Ultimate Fighter

Train with the Professionals and Excel Like Never Before

If you’re serious about competing, why would you rely on someone who’s never competed to train you to victory? Don’t risk your performance on an inexperienced trainer who has never worked with mixed martial artists. Our team of trainers include world-class athletes who know what it takes to ensure you’re reaching your peak performance. With our MMA Training programs, fighters realize an explosive strength-to-weight ratio, increased speed, and reduced injuries, as well as enhanced coordination and reaction time!

I have recently just started training at innovative results but I can attest to the effectiveness of the training ,.. As a World Class athlete I have trained all over the world and basically thought I had seen it all for better or worse throughout my career but innovative results throws something new at me every time I train,..they make training fun again.

Olympic wrestler and Bellator fighter- Shanon Slack

A Proven Formula for Winning

Whether you’re a seasoned fighter with a professional association or an enthusiastic rookie, Innovative Results delivers a training solution custom designed to meet your individual objectives. We know you have different needs from training than bodybuilders or those simply looking to “get in shape.” Our expertise enables us to tailor programs to specific goals and enhance the skills needed to excel at the sport of mixed martial arts.

world champion Jessica Pene

Innovative-Results is a great place to train. I love the environment and the workouts are always intense and always challenging. I have noticed a definite improvement in my endurance and strength in my fighting and over all fitness from training with Innovative-Results.

Invicta World Champion- Jessica Penne

carla esparza orange county mma fighter

Innovative Results challenges me mentally and physically…forcing me to get in the best shape of my life and perform at my best. I can’t say that I’m always excited about going, but I drive over an hour each way to train at IR. Awesome people, great coaches and really effective workouts.

Invicta World Champion – Carla Esparza

The Secret Recovery Techniques of the Professionals!

We’ll help you avoid injury and prepare your body for the stresses of fighting. Our proven techniques are critical to ensuring you recover quickly from your training and your sport, so you can rebound from the toughest battle. Your preparation and recovery will help you perform at your very best.

Rob's experience with crossfit in orange county

The workouts at IR are not only sport specific but very functional to the bodies movement designed for my sport. There training sessions are short and sweet and I can still train again in the same day which is instrumental in a fight camp scenario. I use muscles in movements in the IR workouts that I do in a fight as well as interval between conditioning of my cardiovascular system bursts to full body strength movements. Not only I’m i surrounded by some of the best athletes in my sport @ IR but the next generation as well. Unlike the scattered warehouse of injured crossfitters Innovative Results has high level athletes down to ladies and kids staying in shape with the new science of biomechanics , science, kinesiology ,anatomy and more! Innovative Results is a game changer for any athlete.. I highly recommend it. @RazoRob

Former WEC Champion – Rob McCullough


In all my years of training around the world, nothing compares to the workouts at Innovative Results. The workouts make me strong, help my cardio, but also help me stay healthy and pain free. I love this place.

4 time world BJJ Champion – Ricardo Abreu

lew polley

Favorite thing about Innovative Results? I would have to say its the atmosphere. people are up beat and work hard. i like that the training makes sense and has a purpose.

Collegiate wrestler and MMA Fighter – Lew Polley