Stuff to Read While You’re Pretending to Work – Fight Camp Style

By Corey Beasley

NEW Podcast with Chad Macias - Chad trains a lot of professional athletes down in San Diego.  NFL, MLB, and quite a few of the top fighters from Alliance MMA fighter.  In this podcast we discuss performance enhancing drugs, VO2 max testing, heart rate variability, high fat diets and more.

MMA fighterSerious Fitness for Fighters in 3 Sessions per WeekIt’s easy to get derailed when you train for a sport. With so much to balance - from skills training, to strength and conditioning, to whatever flexibility is needed for the sport, to recovery processes - it can seem like a minefield. And if the sport is a fighting art it gets even trickier, as you’re constantly trying to recover from minor injuries as well.

Shoulder Mobility with Dr Andreo Spina 


Physics of Falling Says Professional Athletes Are Running Wrong - To most runners and coaches, running is a series of jumps, says Svein Otto Kanstad, a physicist and former competitive runner based in Volda, Norway. Gravity isn’t considered helpful, because its force is perpendicular to the direction a runner is moving. But this mindset neglects the concept of angular momentum, Kanstad says. Rather than thinking of running as a series of jumps – leaping off one foot and landing again on the other – runners should view their sport as a series of falls, aided by gravity, he says.

Why Champions Are The Biggest Losers You'll Ever See - You see, in order to truly become a champion, a person must first experience loss. “But wait!” you say, “What about Chris Weidman? He’s undefeated in MMA.” You’re absolutely right, he is. That doesn’t mean that he’s never experienced loss, though. Let’s get down to what I’m talking bout more specifically.

Making Weight in the Real World - How to Cut Weight When Life is Busy - When preparing for a competition the hardest thing for most people is not the actual training, but the diet and the cutting of weight. How do you cut weight and work full time? Better yet, how do you cut weight and still have a normal life? It is hard enough to manage training, work, school, and family.

Hip Opening Mobility Stretches with Dr. Andreo Spina

frankie edgarWhat Does Frankie Edgar Eat in a Day? - It’s not easy pinning down a champion like Frankie Edgar, but we managed to catch up with him to get him to spill the beans on his diet and nutrition! What exactly fuels an MMA athlete of this caliber?

The Real Way They Got Strong - I was no different, I fell in love with them too. The great stories of these real life superheroes called old time strongmen. While they were not saving lives from villains or the like, what they were able to do physically definitely seemed superhero like. Many of these old time strongmen could lift a 200-300 pound weight with one hand, but also just as easily hold handstands for hours.

Aerobic GPP Circuits  - "GPP is the initial stage of training. It starts every cycle of training from the macro-, meso- and microcycle after restoration and recovery. It consists primarily of general preparatory and some specialized conditioning exercises to work all the major muscles and joints. This preparation prepares the athlete for the more intense training such as explosive plyometrics. This period is also used for rehabilitation of injured muscles and joints, strengthening or bringing up to par the lagging muscles and improvement of technique." - Dr Michael Yessis

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