Stuff to Read and Watch While You’re Sittin on the Can 2/11/16

By Corey Beasley

Tailpipe Breathing Technique

About two or three years ago, I started to really look into what the guys over at Gym Jones were doing. They are undoubtedly one of the few places with an innate ability to mix strength training, high output conditioning, and one of my favorite things—mental toughness. If you like training hard, then you’ll think they’re doing some pretty awesome and smart stuff. Gym Jones worked with the actors from 300 and The Man of Steel.
The Balancing Act That Is Performance Enhancement And Overtraining – A Look Back At My Omegawave

In a nutshell the Omegawave is tool that measures your body’s overall readiness to train. In addition to spitting out your overall readiness (scaled from “poor” to “excellent”), it gives you a break down of your current stress level (factoring in both physical and physiological), resting heart rate, recovery pattern (fully recovered, still recovering, or not recovering at all), and adaptation reserves (how well your body will be able to adapt to the given stressor placed on it).

1-arm TRX Row with Offset Kettlebell Hold

3 Things That Can Destroy Your Mental Toughness

It is interesting that the better we get, the more important mental toughness becomes—off the field as well as on it.  Here are three things that can destroy your mental toughness.

Would I Be Healthier If I Quit Drinking?

In my mind, Friday = cocktails. If I quit drinking, would it mean better health and ripped abs? Or is that end-of-week Old Fashioned actually good for me? Should I take a break from booze?” Have you ever asked yourself this question?

3 not-so-secrets to effective in-season recovery

Today I want to share another post from my friend Devan McConnell. I asked Devan to write a post on the 3 most important recovery strategies his team uses in-season, as his team consistently performs well coming down the home stretch of the season. These are not glamorous, but they work.


What?! How could I say such a thing! After all the core blog posts I have done, can I say such a thing? Honestly, because there are still those that still believe if they just do heavy squats, swings, and deadlifts they will get all their core work in. Those exercises do improve core strength, but you do need directly core work. You don’t have to take my word for it, how about that of spine expert, Dr. Stuart McGill…

Using Functional Training to Create Smarter Glute Bridge Exercises

Improve Mobility, Stability, Strength and Function of Your Feet and Ankles

With 26 bones (One-quarter of the bones in the human body are in the feet.), 33 joints and more than 100 muscles, tendons and ligaments, the foot is obviously an incredibly important part of our body.

BJJ Isometric Strength Training: Fastest & Easiest Way to Strength Train for BJJ

I came up with the BJJ Isometric Strength Training (BIST) program about 16 years ago and I felt immediate results from using it. My original choking tool was an old log I got from my backyard. I wrapped it in an old bath towel that I taped around it. It worked so well that I just couldn’t believe it. I remember, after just a few weeks of the program, grabbing for a collar choke and my training partner put his hands in his collar to defend. I felt so strong that I was able to choke him by driving his own hands into his neck. I felt like I could rip his gi right apart in my hands.

The Infamous CORE Training Experiment

That training the core is important is sort of one of those “everyone knows” facts of our existence. No is going to dispute the importance of the core, although some will postulate that training the core directly is unnecessary because big and heavy compound movements like the squat and deadlift already train it sufficiently.