4 Medicine Ball Exercises for Fighters

by Jim Romig

Medicine balls have been used to develop strength, power and athleticism for many decades.  They provide a unique resistance and offer a wide variety of exercises.  In this video, we will walk through 4 of our favorite partner drils using the medicine ball.

Partner drills allow us to deliver force (throwing) and receive force (catching), which is vital for combat athletes.

4 Partner Drills w/ a Medicine Ball

  1. Alternating knees
  2. Alternating sprawl
  3. Alternating floor cross
  4. Alternating half roll back

Option #1

Choose one drill, work 20 sec ON, 10 sec OFF, repeat for 5 minutes

Option #2

Rotate through drills, working 30 sec, rest 30sec and work on a different drill during each work period.  Repeat for desired time.

These drills are great for developing 'sport specific' strength and conditioning from a variety of different positions.  Give these drills a try and keep us posted on your progress.

Jim Romig is the resident combative conditioning expert at Wolf Fitness Systems. As a mixed martial art athlete and grappling coach, Jim has a great understanding of the practical applications of the moves he teaches. As a result, he has developed the Med Ball Athletic Conditioning (MBAC) system, great for training fighters or anyone that would like to train like one!