Jim Romig’s MBAC Airborne Sprawl Challenge

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by Jim Romig

Here is a fun drill to help develop top pressure awareness as well as combative applicable conditioning.

See how long it takes you to get 25 on each side as quick as you can, or just implement the drill into a current conditioning routine.

Took me 3:11.

Give it a go!

  • Keep the tailbone tucked
  • Stay connected from the feet up
  • Keep the spine long and flat throughout the drill
  • Do NOT drop the hips during the pushup
  • Chest between your hands during pushup

**Video your test and post your time in the comments below**

Jim Romig is the resident combative conditioning expert at Wolf Fitness Systems. As a mixed martial art athlete and grappling coach, Jim has a great understanding of the practical applications of the moves he teaches. As a result, he has developed the Med Ball Athletic Conditioning (MBAC) system, great for training fighters or anyone that would like to train like one!