Advanced Kettlebell Exercises for MMA, BJJ and other Combat Sports

 by Naudi Aguilar

Most have us have probably seen and used kettlebells in our workouts.

Swings, cleans, snatches and jerks are the most common movements that we see online and in the gym, but I would like to explore some new variations.

*CAUTION: If you have not developed a strong and stable foundation with the kettlebell basics, DO NOT use these techniques. I would rather see you develop a good foundation first, before progressing into more advanced progressions.

Kettlebell training embodies one of the most important elements to a sound functional training regimen, Rhythmic Explosiveness. One of the most overlooked aspects I have seen with many functional training regimens is the neglect of graceful movement coupled with explosive power.

Developing rhythm and timing is as applicable to reality as anything you can do with your body in nature, so the implementation of this type of training is crucial if we want these performance adaptations to happen. With proper kettlebell training, we will accomplish just that.

Naudi Aguilar is a functional training and performance expert in San Diego, CA. He currently works with a variety of combat athletes, including Dean Lister, Jeremy Stephens, Alexander Gustafsson, Brandon Vera and many others. For more information about Naudi and his program, visit Functional Patterns.

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