Advanced Total Body Asym-Unilateral

Advanced Total Body Asym Unilateral

Warm Up


1a. Single Leg Hip Extensions (hip/hamstring activation)
1b. Heavy Club Pivot and Press (Core activation)

*Perform 2-3 sets with about 30sec-1min of rest between sets

Speed Agility and Quickness

*2a. Zig Zag Shuffles (as fast as possible)

2-3 sets with 30sec-1min between sets


3a. Sandbag Shoulders 8-12 reps
3b. Single Arm Suspension Row (no body rotation) 8-12 reps per arm

*3-4 sets with 2 minutes rest between sets

4a. Asym Shouldered Sandbag Squat (keep body square and centered) 8-12 reps
4b. Forward Crawl w/ Sandbag Drag (keep Knees low, hips still) 8-12 reps

*4 sets with 2-3 minutes between sets

5. Single Arm Bottoms up carry 100ft per arm

*3 sets per arm.


***Just like any workout, you can and should manipulate the variables, like exercise selection, reps, volume, rest, etc to match your personal goals.