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Food for Fighters

A Step by Step Diet for Fighters

Learn Exactly What to Eat if You Want to Gain Muscle, Drop Body Fat, Improve Your Performance and Make Weight with Ease!

Module #1: Fast Track Module

  • 3 golden rules to getting started
  • Goal setting
  • The importance of nutrition

Module #2: Fundamentals of Combat Nutrition

  • A combat sports guide to dining out
  • Hierarchy of combat sports nutrition
  • The 5 principals of combat sports nutrition
  • Preferred food list

Module #3: Meal Planning Application

  • Designing meal plans for combat sports
  • Troubleshooting / FAQ
  • Turning up your testosterone
  • Supplement guide and combat sports specific protocols
  • Printable meal plans, specific to your goals

If you’ve been struggling to make weight, recovering from tough workouts or simply don’t look the way you want, this program will help you plan, implement and execute the habits you need to hit your goals.

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Submission Strength

12 Week Performance Plan for Jiu Jitsu

We’ll Show You Exactly What You Need to Do to Get in Shape, Increase Strength, Improve Conditioning and Become More Athletic on the Mat!

Submission Strength showcases the strategies and workouts that I’ve used to help athletes of all ability levels get in shape, increase strength and improve their performance.  Whether you are a casual competitor or a full time athlete, this program gives you all the tools you need to train like a professional.   I am releasing this product because I am contacted regularly from BJJ practitioners around the world asking for programs or training questions, since they do not have access to a legitimate strength & conditioning program in their area. Also because there is an abundance of misguided information out there, and there are millions of BJJ practitioners around the world looking for sound advice that actually works.

Submission Strength Includes:

  • 12 Week ‘Done for You’ Training Program to Prep for Competition or Just to Take Your Athleticism to the Next Level.
  • Printable Workouts That You Can Take to the Gym and Track Your Progress.
  • Video Tutorials on Program Design, Planning Your Week and More!
  • Exercise Library Packed Full of Videos, so You Know What to Do and How to Do It Properly.
  • Mobility, Recovery and Regeneration Module, So You Are Energetic, Pain Free and Ready for Action.

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Savage & Simple

Perfect When You Are Preparing for a Fight

Whether you’re an amateur or UFC Veteran, the Savage & Simple workout plan will help you get stronger, more powerful and develop the cardio necessary to scrap for the entire fight.


 Inside “Savage and Simple”, You Will Get:

  • Module #1 – Creating “Buy In” w/ Your Athletes
  • Module #2 – Long Term Performance Plan
  • Module #3 – Training Phase Breakdown
  • Module #4 – Weekly Breakdown
  • Module #5 – Program Flexibility
  • Module #6 – Phase 1
  • Module #7 – Phase 2
  • Module #8 – Phase 3
  • Module #9 – Taper
  • Module #10 – Energy System Development

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The Wrestler's Edge

Want to Wrestle at the Highest Levels?

If So, This Year Round Strength & Conditioning Plan Will Help You Get There.

Inside The Wrestler’s Edge…

  • Quickly Learn About S&C for Wrestlers in our Athlete Handbook
  • Gather Vital Info on Your Athletes with our Athlete Intake Package
  • Assess Strengths and Weaknesses with our Performance Testing Manual
  • Keep Athletes Healthy with our Warm-ups for Wrestlers
  • Learn How Heart Rate Training Can Turbo-Charge Your Conditioning
  • Off-Season General Conditioning (Phase 1)
  • Off-Season General Strength & Power (Phase 1)
  • Off-Season Specialized Conditioning (Phase 2)
  • Off-Season Specialized Strength & Power (Phase 2)
  • Pre-Season Power Development Plan (Phase 3)
  • 20 Week In-Season Strength & Conditioning Plan (Phase 4)

The Most Effective Strategies and Methods to Ensure that You and Your Team are Strong, Powerful and Ready to Compete!

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Fight Strong

Develop Strength and Power Like a Professional Fighter

Complete 6 month Training Plan for Fighters and Fans Alike!

  • Develop real strength and power that transfers into the cage.
  • Phil breaks down the workouts that he uses to get his fighters strong and powerful
  • Video tutorials and guidance from Coach Daru
  • Video library for Every Exercise Used in the Workouts
  • Download his program today and get 6 months worth of strength and power workouts.

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